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Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)Makeshift hospital in Wuhan receives coronavirus-infected patientsFresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

The newly-built Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, received its first batch of infected patients Saturday, according to local authorities.

Replicating Beijing's SARS treatment model in 2003, Wuhan built two makeshift hospitals: Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) and Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain), which can accommodate 1,600 and 1,000 beds, respectively.

The infected patients arrived at Huoshenshan Hospital after construction was completed in 10 days on February 4. (Xinhua)


中国武汉市政府 2 月 8 日表示,武汉雷神山医院晚上 8 时许收治了首批新冠肺炎确诊患者。

位于武汉的火神山和雷神山医院参考 2003 年北京小汤山非典医院模式建立。火神山医院设有 1000 张病床,雷神山医院设有 1600 张床位。

火神山医院耗时 10 天建成,于 2 月 4 日正式接诊首批新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎确诊患者。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)Hubei produces over 30,000 protective suits dailyFresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

Central China's Hubei Province can produce over 30,000 protective suits per day, said Cao Guangjing, the provincial vice governor, at a press conference Saturday.

Provincial manufacturers that make the suits will soon increase output to 50,000 daily with the introduction of new production equipment, Cao said.

Cao also said the major enterprises that make the protective products resumed work on Friday, and the N95 facemask manufacturers are eyeing a capacity of 150,000 to 200,000 masks daily. (Xinhua)

湖北省防护服日产量稳定在 3 万件以上

中国湖北省副省长曹广晶 2 月 8 日在湖北新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情防控工作例行新闻发布会上透露,湖北省防护服日产量稳定在 3 万件以上。

据介绍,湖北省内两家龙头企业已经订购了新的设备,随着新的设备到位,产能还会增加,争取尽快达到每天 5 万件的水平。

曹广晶表示,目前湖北省主要的防护品生产企业复工率已达 100%,N95 口罩的产能方面,将争取尽早达到每天生产 15 万件至 20 万件的产能。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)Thai authorities confirm 20 deaths, 31 injured by Thai soldierFresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

Thai Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Kongcheep Tantravanich on Saturday confirmed 20 deaths and 31 injured from a shooting spree allegedly carried out by a junior army soldier in northeastern Thailand.

On Saturday, a Thai soldier went on a shooting rampage in Nakorn Ratchasima after he stole a Humvee from his military base and later opened fire on shoppers inside a mall. The solider also took a selfie during the attack and posted it on social media. (Xinhua)

泰国发生枪击事件 至少 20 人死亡 31 人受伤

泰国国防部发言人空奇 2 月 8 日晚间表示,泰国东北部呵叻府当天发生枪击事件,目前已造成 20 人死亡、31 人受伤。


Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

Kobe Bryant helicopter had nearly cleared blinding clouds

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

The helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight others was almost out of blinding clouds when it suddenly slammed into a Southern California hillside, investigators and aviation experts indicated.

The helicopter’s pilot, Ara Zobayan, told air traffic control he was climbing to 1,219 meters, and he rose to 701 meters, according to an investigative update released Friday from the National Transportation Safety Board.

The helicopter was just 30 meters from the cloud tops and conceivably would have broken through into clear air in a matter of seconds.

The update didn’t make any conclusion about what caused the January 26 crash in Calabasas, located northwest of Los Angeles, as the investigation remains underway, and a final report isn’t expected for a year or so. (AP)

科比直升机失事前只差 30 米飞出云层

美国调查人员 2 月 8 日表示,在此前造成包括美国篮球名将科比·布莱恩特在内 9 人遇难的直升机坠毁事故中,飞行员在撞山之前几乎成功飞出云层。

美国国家运输安全委员会报道称,飞行员佐巴杨曾告诉空中交通管制站要爬升到 1219 米,但飞机在坠毁前仅爬升到 701 米高空。其实,该直升机只要再花费数秒时间爬升 30 米便可冲出云层。

1 月 26 日,科比在美国加利福尼亚州南部卡拉巴萨斯市发生的直升机坠毁事故中丧生。目前,调查工作仍在进行中,但最终事故报告的出炉至少需要一年左右。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)1,000-plus global exhibitors to join 117th Toy Fair in New YorkFresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

More than 1,000 exhibitors worldwide will join the 117th annual Toy Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan from February 22 to the 25, showcasing some 150,000 toys, games, and youth entertainment products.

The annual event will see retailers, wholesalers, importers, distributors, sales representatives, and trade guests come together to find the latest and greatest in the toy, game, and youth entertainment world, and to exchange ideas on the latest global market trends.

Launched in 1903, the annual toy fair is held every February in New York City as a trade-only event. (Xinhua)

第 117 届纽约国际玩具展将于本月底开幕 全球超千个商家计划参展

第 117 届纽约国际玩具展将于 2 月 22 日至 25 日在曼哈顿贾维茨会议中心开幕。目前,全球有超过 1000 多家玩具厂商确定出席,约 15 万种各类玩具和游戏类产品将与游客见面。


纽约国际玩具展始于 1903 年。如今每年 2 月份在纽约市举行展销会。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)Lightning strike kills four rare mountain gorillas in UgandaFresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

A lightning strike in Uganda has killed four rare mountain gorillas, including a pregnant female, a conservation group said.

Three adult females and one male infant were found in Uganda's Mgahinga National Park with “gross lesions” on their bodies, indicating electrocution.

Experts called the incident a big loss for the species as there are just over 1,000 mountain gorillas in existence.

The gorillas are restricted to protected areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. (CGTN)

乌干达 4 只珍稀山地大猩猩死于雷击

乌干达动物保护组织 2 月 8 日表示,位于该国姆加新加国家公园的 4 只山地大猩猩日前遭雷击身亡,其中包括 1 只怀孕的母猩猩。

据悉,调查人员在 3 只成年母猩猩和一只幼年雄猩猩的身体上发现了明显的电击伤痕。

专家表示,世界目前共有 1000 只左右的山地大猩猩,此次事件对于该物种种群来说可谓是损失巨大。


Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)China women's basketball team qualify for Tokyo Olympics, beat SpainFresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

China defeated World No. 3 Spain 64-62 in the women's basketball Olympics qualifier in Belgrade, Serbia, on Saturday. This means the team will compete at the Tokyo Olympics.

China is in the same group as Great Britain, Spain, and South Korea and has won its first two matches. China will face off against South Korea on Sunday. Whether or not China wins its last match, it is guaranteed that the ladies will be seen in Tokyo this summer, since the top three teams in the group qualify for the Tokyo Summer Games. (CGTN)

中国女篮击败西班牙队 提前收获奥运席位

2 月 8 日,东京奥运会女篮资格赛第三阶段比赛在塞尔维亚的贝尔格莱德市展开,中国女篮以 64:62 击败世界排名第三的西班牙队取得两连胜,提前获得东京奥运会参赛门票。


Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/9/2020 Sun.)

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