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This is People's Daily app. Here are today's picks from our editors.Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)China asks businesses to resume operation orderlyFresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

Chinese authorities Thursday asked businesses outside Hubei Province to resume operations in an orderly manner while continuing to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak.

This will provide better guarantees for prevention and control work and help maintain normal economic and social order, according to a high-level meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

Businesses outside Hubei are encouraged to create ways to make workplaces less populated or allow staff to take shifts to make production at full throttle. The shortage of machinery, staff, or funds should be addressed through coordination to put the whole industry chain in normal operation, it said. (Xinhua)


2 月 6 日,中共中央政治局常委、国务院总理、中央应对新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情工作领导小组组长李克强主持召开领导小组会议。


Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)US Senate acquits Trump on both articles of impeachmentFresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

US President Donald Trump was acquitted on Wednesday afternoon by the Senate after the chamber voted down both articles of impeachment against him that the House approved late last year.

Senators voted 52 to 48 to reject the first charge of abuse of power and 53 to 47 against the second charge of obstruction of Congress.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who presided over the Senate trial of Trump's impeachment, announced the votes were not enough to convict the president and remove him from office. (Xinhua)


负责审理总统特朗普弹劾案的美国国会参议院 2 月 5 日投票否决了众议院针对特朗普的两项弹劾条款。

当天下午,美国国会参议院以 52 票反对、48 票赞成的表决结果认定指控特朗普滥用职权的弹劾条款不成立,以 53 票反对、47 票赞成的表决结果认定指控特朗普妨碍国会的弹劾条款不成立。


Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)Syrian Army accuses Turkey, Israel of 'supporting terrorism'Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

The general command of the Syrian Army on Thursday accused Israel and Turkey of "supporting terrorism" in Syria, according to a military statement.

The statement said that in tandem with the Israeli missile attack that targeted Syria before daybreak Thursday, Turkey sent military convoys to Idlib in Syria’s northwestern region.

It said the Turkish move aims to protect the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front and to hinder progress made by the Syrian Army in Idlib. (Xinhua)


叙利亚军队总司令部 2 月 6 日发表声明称,土耳其与以色列近期对叙利亚的干涉行为是在“支持恐怖主义”。

声明表示,土耳其与以色列军队 6 日凌晨发起协调行动。在以色列战机空袭叙利亚目标同时,土耳其派遣军事力量进入叙西北部的伊德利卜省。土耳其军方的行动旨在保护与基地组织有关联的武装组织“努斯拉阵线”,并阻止叙利亚军队在伊德利卜省的推进。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)Experts ponder human error in Italian high-speed train crashFresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

A high-speed passenger train derailed in northern Italy before dawn Thursday, killing two railway workers and injuring 28 other people as its engine broke off and careened into a work vehicle on an adjacent track. Authorities are looking into human error linked to track maintenance work as a possible cause.

Maintenance work had been carried out on a nearby track switching area less than two hours before the derailment, Prosecutor Domenico Chiaro told reporters at a news conference.

The train that derailed was the first train to pass through the area after the work was done, and “the switch was placed in a position it shouldn’t have been,” he said. (AP)

意大利北部发生高铁列车脱轨事故 或为人为失误

意大利国家铁路公司一列高速列车 2 月 6 日上午在意北部发生脱轨事故,造成至少两人死亡、28 人受伤。列车车头脱轨后撞上了一辆停靠在轨道边上的工作车辆。有关部门目前怀疑此次事故可能是因为铁路维护工作不当造成的,有人为失误的成分。

当地检方对媒体表示,事故发生前 2 小时,有铁路维护工人正在临近的路段上施工。出事列车是第一辆驶过施工路段的班次,现场还发现道岔的位置摆放不正确。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)Russia to deliver S-400 missile to India by end of next yearFresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

Russia will begin delivering S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to India by the end of 2021, agency RIA Novosti on Wednesday quoted a Russian official as saying.

India signed a $5 billion deal for the anti-aircraft systems in October 2018, drawing warnings from the US that such an acquisition would trigger sanctions.

India had previously made its position clear to the US and said it would not back out of the deal. (CGTN)

俄罗斯将于明年对印度交付首批 S-400 型防空导弹系统

俄罗斯新闻社 2 月 5 日援引俄官员讲话表示,俄罗斯已经开始为印度制造 S-400 型防空导弹系统,首批产品将于 2021 年交付。

印度与俄罗斯 2018 年签署 S-400 导弹系统的购买合同,总额超过 50 亿美元。该合同还曾引发美国方面的制裁警告。印度方面就此对美方表示,不会取消该笔采购交易。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)NASA’s record-setting Koch, crewmates safely back from spaceFresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

NASA astronaut Christina Koch, who spent nearly 11 months in orbit to set a record for the longest spaceflight by a woman, landed Thursday safely in Kazakhstan along with two International Space Station crewmates.

Koch wrapped up a 328-day mission after her first flight into space, providing researchers the opportunity to observe the effects of long-duration spaceflight on a woman. (AP)

美宇航员创女性单次太空飞行最长纪录 安全返回地球

美国国家宇航局 (NASA)2 月 6 日表示,NASA 宇航员克里斯蒂娜·科赫于当天安全返回地球。此前,她在国际空间站待了 11 个月,打破了女性宇航员单次太空飞行最长时间的纪录。科赫当天与其他两名宇航员搭载太空舱成功着陆在哈萨克斯坦。

科赫共在国际空间站中执行了 328 天的任务。科赫此次太空之行为研究人员提供了机会,以此来观察长时间太空飞行对女性的影响。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)FIBA Asian Cup qualifier postponed due to coronavirusFresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

The International Basketball Federation announced on Wednesday that the FIBA Asia Cup 2021 qualifying match between China and Malaysia would be rescheduled due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China.

The match was scheduled for February 24, and a new date will be announced later.

The scheduled game between Japan and China on February 21 has not been changed. (Xinhua)

2021 年国际篮联亚洲杯预选赛中国队比赛推迟

国际篮联近日宣布,由于新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情原因,国际篮联亚洲办公室已经决定推迟 2021 年国际篮联亚洲杯预选赛中国队主场对阵马来西亚队(2 月 24 日)的比赛,日期待定。

此外,中国队客场对阵日本队的比赛将于 2 月 21 日如期进行。

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/7/2020 Fri.)

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